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    How long does it take to complete the core module?

    The core module is taken at your own pace.  You can complete the course in a week, a month or a year....the length of time it takes depends on how much time you have to invest in the course.  There is no time limit for completion.  This course was designed to meet the needs of a busy lifestyle.  We realize that many of those taken this course may already be part of a ministry position or decided to take this course to help as a lay-leader and may have other full time responsibilities.  

    What is the outcome of completing the CPC core module? 

    The Center for Pastoral Counseling is a certificate program.  EMERGE Counseling Services has been in the Christian Mental Health Field since the 1970’s and is very well respected by churches, ministries and mental health centers across the county.  The course is taught by two psychologists from EMERGE Counseling Services with a combined total of over 50 years experience in the field.  The course is also taught by ministers who have 60+ years in a church setting. 

    This course can be taken to gain knowledge on the topic for personal use or professional use.  It is a training that is as valuable as the program or ministry sees it as.  We are not able to offer a college credit for this course. 

    Upon completion you will be given a certificate sent to you by email in the form of a PDF.  This certificate will state that you have taken the CPC course and completed it with the date of completion included.

    How do I register/ enroll in a new course or make a payment?

     There are essentially two main steps in registering and enrolling in a course. To register for a course, navigate to the "Register Here" button on the Online Courses page.  This will take you to a shopping cart where you will pay for your course either with Credit Card or Check.  This option can be determined when you are in the shopping cart.  Checks should be made out to EMERGE Counseling Services and marked “CPC payment” with name of user included. 

    Please note that you will not be given access to the course until we have received payment.  After this has been completed you will receive an email with instruction on how to enroll and begin using your CPC course.   

    Important:  You need to read the email you receive as it contains and enrollment key for taking the course that you have selected and it offers helpful tips for getting started in your CPC course.

    From here, you will enroll in your course in our online learning environment.  Click Here to download and easy step-by-step instruction for enrolling into the course you have selected.

    How do I pass the course?

    The requirements for passing CPC is to complete all examinations with an 80% or higher score.  You are given 3 opportunities to take a test and are given the correct answers upon completion.

    Who do I contact with questions regarding the course?

    If there are any questions regarding the course or an issue with logging in/ payment or any other issue please email Colleen at cbell@emerge.org or call her at 800-621-5207 ext. 330.  If the question is related to some stated in a lesson Colleen will do her best to put you in touch with one of the course instructors.

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