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    Center for Pastoral Counseling - Core Module
    Center for Pastoral Counseling - Core Module
    Cost: $395.00
    Location: online

    The Center for Pastoral Counseling (CPC) is an online correspondence program dedicated to “helping you help others”.

    CPC is a dedicated pastoral counseling training organization created by EMERGE Counseling Services to meet the needs of busy pastors, counselors, lay counselors, and home group leaders who want to learn effective counseling skills online. This site contains all of the resources to enroll, engage and learn the 21st century models and skills for biblically-based and clinically-sound counseling skills. The CPC online courses utilize all of the latest Web 2.0 learning tools: exciting streaming video lessons, engaging online exercises, and valuable resources to allow you to complete ALL of the course work on your time schedule.

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    CPC - Advanced Module
    CPC - Advanced Module
    Cost: $120.00
    Location: Online

    You can choose to take the entire advanced module or select from the specific courses.  If you register for all six courses at once, you will receive a 20% discount off of the total value.  Each individual course costs $25.00. For more information on each individual course, click the links below.  To register for the entire advanced module, click "Register Here."

    Advanced Module Lesson One - Riding the Wild Horses

    Advanced Module Lesson Two - Dealing with Anger

    Advanced Module Lesson Three - Managing Fear

    Advanced Module Lesson Four - Finding a Way Out of Depression

    Advanced Module Lesson Five - The Healing of Memories

    Advanced Module Lesson Six - Overcoming Rejection


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    CPC Testimonials

    "Very practical and scriptural.  Taught from a position of experience with personal examples which keeps interest and helps me relate to the instructor"

    "I just want to say thank you!  This online course has been so helpful. To have the tools and guidance from this course have given me confidence that God can work through me to help bring heart change and transformation to others through Him."

    This instructor is fabulous!  I love his examples, case study, and numerous reference to scriptures.  I especially loved his sincere prayer at the end.  I felt he was here with me and praying for me in particular.

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